Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the Rustling Grass I Hear God Pass

today i am at the home of my father and his wife.  my mother died about fifteen years ago, and my father remarried a few years later.  his wife is only about ten years older than i, and i have never been able to regard her as a "step-mother".   their home is out in the country in a beautiful setting.  a long drive lined with trees leads from the highway to their home, and there is a meadow dotted with trees in front of the house.

this morning i took a walk along with drive, walking slowly and praying as i walked.  it rained last night, and the drive was damp.  there was a gentle breeze blowing.  near the house there is a lovely garden in which a variety of lillies and roses are blooming.  it was the pefect setting to experience the presence of God, and i thought of the hymn, "this is my Father's world".

i thought, too, of the dalai lama's words:  "we have to cultivate contentment with what we have. we really don't need much. when you know this, the mind settles down". my mind did feel settled.  my wife remarked a couple of days ago that i had simple needs, being content with what i have, and that's very true.  what more could i need?  i have a wonderful wife, two great children who are gainfully and happily employed, shelter that is more than adequate, resources to take care of all my physical needs, dear friends, opportunities to serve others through my church and other organizations.  life for me is good, and i have time to think about how to share my joy with others.

in this morning's walk, i experienced such peace and contentment.  my prayer for each of us is that we can be content with what we've been given and the time to contemplate how we can help others to be content.  may each of us learn how to "be" in the world, rejoicing in the experience of each breath that we take!

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