Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Shall Tread Out the Baleful Fire of Anger

as i age, i begin to think about death more.  each day i'm given is a perfect gift, and i've come to appreciate each new day more, looking forward to the tasks that lie ahead, thinking of them as joyful opportunities to serve God through serving others or by bringing something of beauty or utility into the world.  the other day, i decided to write a post about what i hope others will say and think of me once i am no longer here.  as i pursued those thoughts, i read jen's "my smiling heart" blog where her thoughts seemed to be turning in the same direction.  here's the list of ways in which i hope i'll be remembered:

He was:
a kind person.
a generous person.
a happy person.
a loving person.
a forgiving person.
a thoughtful person.
a patient person.
a calm person.
a peacemaker.
a good husband.
a good father.
a friend of children.
a person who put service ahead of possessions.
a sensitive musician.
a lover of beauty.
an advocate for the poor and the powerless.
a tolerant person.
a person who could disagree agreeably.
a good cook.
a person who was hungry for knowledge.
a person you could depend on.
a person who had his priorities in the right order.

if i'm remembered for having these qualities, i will die a happy man.  if this is the legacy i pass to my children, i know that my life will have an influence for good long after this present life is over.  my prayer this day is that each of us seeks to develop those qualities that transform the world into a better place and that i can aspire to live a life that leaves behind wonderful, gentle, happy memories in the hearts of others.

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