Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Heart Is Warm with Friends I Make

i continue writing about relationships that are recalled each year as we prepare our christmas cards for mailing.  we have dear friends who moved away several years ago to be near their children and granchildren.  even before they moved, we had little time to spend with art and elaine, as both they and us cared for aging parents whose needs took up more and more of our time.  it was not that we chose not to spend time with each other as we had earlier, but rather that once the needs of our parents were met, we had little time left to spend with friends.

we visit each other once or twice a year, and each time we are together, the friendship seems as strong as ever.  our time together is precious, and this couple fills a void in our lives that no other friends have ever filled.  though our lives have taken different paths, our friendship endures; the physical separation and the demands that are made on us in our day-to-day lives have not dimished our love for each other.  when we need  sympathetic shoulders on which to figuratively rest our heads as tragedies and setbacks come in our lives, we turn to art and elaine, knowing that they will listen without judging us or even thinking an “i told you so,” and i hope they feel the same way about us.

i wish that we could spend more time together, that we could enjoy a meal and game of cards once a week as we once did, that we could see each at church and community activites and visit by phone several times a week.  our lives have taken us along different tracks, and so we make the few visits we have count.  each year as i write a note on their christmas card, i think of how much this long-distance relationship means to us and look forward to our next time together.

my prayer today is that each of us have such friendships that stand the test of time, distance, and circumstances.  may we each value these friendships and do what we can to nurture them.  shalom.

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