Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When Peace Like A River

the other day, i was reviewing some of the photos in my photo files and realized that i often take pictures of water.  i have pictures of fountains, streams, rivers, lakes, of all sorts of iterations of water.  as i pondered why i have such a fascination with water, particularly moving water, i thought of how i envision love as a stream that flows forever with God as its source.  love moves through all of creation, like a peaceful stream, and i see myself as both a recipient of love and a channel through which love can reach others.  perhaps this explains my fascination with water.  

the desktop picture on my main computer is a photo of a beautiful stream in northern vermont, that on my ipad is a photo taken by my son of a waterfall on an arkansas river not far from here, and on one of my laptops is a photo of a peaceful lake in salzburg.  each time i sit down at one of these i am reminded of water as a metaphor for never-ending love.  i hear the sound of the water lapping the shore, of the burbles of rivulets as they move, of the splashing of water against water, and i am at peace knowing that all of creation is awash in love.

my prayer today is that we are buoyed by the stream of love which flows in and around us and that we are conduits through which love is carried to others.  shalom.

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