Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If Ye Have Love One to Another

concepts of who/how/what/if God is are so varied.  the rejection of God's existence altogether seems reasonable in the face of the myriad tries at defining such an indefinable being, if the term "being" is even an appropriate term.  one thinks of the god of judgment, so perfect that in comparison we poor humans stand condemned by our imperfection.  one thinks of the god of beneficence, that santa-claus-like figure who will give anything requested if faith is sufficient.  one thinks of the god of manipulation that predetermines the course of every life, moving people and nations around like chess pieces on a board.  one thinks of the god of indifferent observation, looking on our fumbling attempts with a smirk on the divine face.

none of these are satisfactory.  how does one accept a creator who allows horrible suffering, unless one rationalizes that the suffering is caused by humankind's inability to do the creator's will?  for me, that's not an acceptable explanation, either.  what does satisfy my heart and mind is the idea that God is unconditional love, unreasonable love, infinite love.  in that love, God does not control us, God simply is, and God suffers with us, just as God rejoices with us.  God is always present, our true home, calling us to experience and share love.  God is not the narrow rule-maker, the exclusive property of one dogma, the plotter pushing us toward an end of God's own making.

My prayer today is that we will become more mindful each day of the inexplicable depth of love that ties us all together, for this is the essence of who and what God is.  Shalom.

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