Tuesday, October 13, 2015

When Hatred and Division Give Way to Love and Peace

may i understand, o God of mystery.
may i be at peace with myself and others, o God of peace.
may i be fully present in this and every moment, o God of the cosmos.
may i be filled with loving-kindness, o God of love.
may i be patient, o God of eternity.
may i see my suffering and that of others, o God of healing.
may i be generous, o God of all good gifts.
may i forgive any wrong done to me, o God of mercy.
may i make amends for any wrong done by me, o God of justice.
may i think clearly and logically, o God of reason.
may i see no "others," o God of unity.
may i not cling to that which is impermanent, o God of the ever-changing universe.

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