Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When Upon Life's Billows You Are Tempest Tossed

during the past week i've been in a sort of funk while dealing with several issues that have arisen since returning from our trip overseas.  several needed repairs to our home had to be sorted out, there are divisions in our church, some performance commitments took up a great deal of my time, and plans needed to be made for some future home improvements.  i've allowed all of this to overwhelm me, and i haven't been very pleasant to be around.

on friday, my wife and i took a break from the demands of daily life to take in a movie.  getting away from the house and my responsibilities helped me to see how wrapped up i had become in the problems we've been facing and to put things in perspective.  i realized that everything will work out over time.  while there are many molehills to get over, there are no mountains--it's my worrying mind that has made mountains out of these molehills.

all-in-all, life is good, and i have much to be thankful for, not the least of which are a loving wife, wonderful children, a comfortable home, enough food to sustain me, and many friends.  i don't have to find a roof for my head, as many people do every night.  i don't have to go to a soup kitchen for food, as many do every meal.  i am not alone in the world, as many are.  all these gifts are undeserved, and i am fortunate to have this life.  instead of being weighed down by problems that are insignificant in comparison to the worries of many who lack the basic necessities, i can see that my problems can be dealt with if i address them with patience and thought while relishing the wonderful joys of life and doing my part to help others with real difficulties.

may we stop to count our blessings.  may we accept that chance plays a major role in our situation in life.  may we acknowledge the help others have given, and continue to, give us, realizing that none of us are "self-made."  shalom.

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