Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let Us with a Gladsome Mind

From time to time, it seems helpful to restate what i believe, so yesterday morning i made this list.  it's certainly not a final list, but it's where i am right now.  i have moved away from belief that depends on any "sacred" text or a systematic theology, and i am happy with the direction i am going.  

1. there is a first cause, a creator, who caused all things to come into being.
2. control over events and other beings is an impossible illusion.
3. we live in the garden of eden with a mind that makes it possible to solve every problem by using our own reason.
4. our response to the god who created all things should be one of gratitude for giving us what we need to solve our problems.
5. it is unreasonable to expect god to solve our problems for us.
6. everything-that-is vibrates with the energy of god's love.
7. religions that cause suffering for ourselves and for others should be abandoned in favor of the religion of kindness.
8. all things are interconnected.
9. we are related to every other human being, and, beyond superficial differences, we are all the same.
10. letting go of the belief that we are in control and forsaking the belief that we can control others is the source of happiness.

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