Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Swords of Scorn Divide

the evil continues to grow.  i want to cry out to the world that our country is not like this.  we don't believe in turning away those who need sanctuary.  we don't believe in betraying those who have been our allies in far away battlegrounds by telling them that they are not welcome here.  we don't believe in condemning entire groups of people because a few of them have become radicalized, often because of our own arrogant actions in their countries.  yet this is exactly what our president is doing with this awful executive order that has created chaos for those who had been given permission to come here and are now being stopped when they arrive, only to be sent away.  he has destroyed the lives of so many desperate people in one stroke of the pen.

thank goodness that federal judges have put much of this decree on hold until saner minds can reason through the mess.  the majority of us who voted for someone other than donald trump watch in bewilderment as he tries to muffle the voices of scientists who work for the government and as he puts forward his panel of billionaires to head important government agencies, most of whom are not qualified for the positions for which he has nominated them.

last week i wrote about how much this man must be suffering and i still believe that he has to be in great pain in order to do so much harm in such a brief period of time.  he can only ignore the damage his presidency is doing to so many if he is completely focused on himself and convinced that he alone is right.  each of us must do whatever we can to rail against the horror that the next four years may bring if donald trump's power is not  held in check.  i hope that those from other countries who read my words and the words of others who write condemning this president's actions will realize that the usa is very different from this man who has become its leader.  he attained his position from an archaic institution that allows someone to become president even though a majority of voters voted for someone else, and now he behaves as if most of us support him.  i can't say loudly enough that we don't.  i've never participated in a public demonstration against any elected official before, but now i must.  we must resist this man in every lawful way that we can.

may those in power see that most americans are opposed to the positions and actions of the president.  may our senators, our representatives, and our judiciary hold his powers in check.  may each of us do whatever we can to stand up for justice and mercy, for compassion, for using the wealth of our country to improve the lives of those who need our help rather than for building walls.  may the next election defeat the forces of fascism.  shalom.

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