Saturday, February 5, 2011


Finding balance in life is difficult, and one of the banes of modern existence is multi-tasking.  When i try to multi-task, i discover the lack of focus keeps me from enjoying any of the tasks i'm about.  To that end, i'm limiting my computer usage, because i've found that it's become too much of a good thing.  There are many inspiring blogs i follow, much research and study that i pursue on the internet, and a number of writing projects on which i'm working, and all of these have begun to consume too much of my time.  One of the things i've done to ration my computer time without abandoning any of the blogs i find helpful is to by divide them up into seven groups, one group for each day of the week.  There are two blogs that i find especially helpful, and i'll visit those two each day.

Along those same lines, for both writing and research projects, i'm giving myself a time limit.  When the time is up, i'm allowing myself to continue to a logical stopping point and then setting the project aside.  i refuse to allow my computer use to consume so much of my time and to try to work on projects that are important to me with less than my full attention--no more working and watching television or listening to music at the same time and particularly no more working and trying to carry on a conversation with my wonderful wife simultaneously.  Tonight there was a clever movie on, and i found myself enjoying it immensely because i gave it my full attention.  How many wonderful things have i missed because i was too busy trying to do several things at once?  i know that i enjoy spending time with my wife more when i'm fully present.

My prayer for each of us is that we can relish each moment, giving the pleasure that is in the moment our full attention.  Each moment is too perfect not to give it the mindfulness that moment deserves.

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