Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wade in the Water

the image of water has been much in my mind lately.  this image came to me as i meditated a few days ago, when i saw God's love as an immense lake of water in which i swam.  the water was crystal clear and from somewhere within was illuminated by a radiant light.  don't misunderstand me:  i didn't perceive this as some sort of vision.  the image i saw was simply a way my mind had of understanding the all-encompassing love of God, something that at once surrounds us, buoys us up as we "swim" through our lives, and at the same time is within us as an integral part of who and what we are.

as i've reflected on that image of the lovely lake as a metaphor for God, i've thought of other images of water in the bible: pools of water in the desert, the Babylonian rivers beside which the psalmist wept, the spring that came out of the rock as the Israelites wandered, the sea that parted so the Israelites could find safety on the other side, the waters of the jordan where john baptized, the living water of which Jesus spoke with the samaritan woman at the well, the still waters beside which we are led.

where will this image lead me?  perhaps to a better understanding of God's action in our lives, perhaps nowhere.  the fact is that each morning it comes back to me, and i am confident that if there is some greater meaning than what i've already discovered, God will lead me to that meaning.

my prayer for each of us this morning is that we will be open to whatever God leads us to discover as we swim along in the great current of God's love.

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