Sunday, March 27, 2011

Each Smile a Hymn, Each Kindly Deed a Prayer

it's been a week since i've taken time to write a post for this blog.  during that week, my life has been incredibly busy completing some projects around the house, running errands, entertaining visiting friends and relatives, and generally enjoying life.  as i sit this Lord's Day, i hear birds chirping outside, my visiting brother-in-law turning the pages of the morning paper, and the boiling water in the tea kettle as it heats up for my first cup of coffee for the day.  life is calm, peaceful, and filled with quiet joy, and i look forward to worship with friends and a drive up to the mountains north of where we live with our visiting relatives before they leave tomorrow morning to head further north into the mountains for a short vacation.

i have been reading the prayer of eusebius of caesarea and the Whittier poem, o, brother man, each morning as part of my morning quiet time.  both of these have become favorites of mine and speak to the person i pray to become during my journey.  i commend them to you as my testimony about what i believe God calls each follower of Jesus to move toward.  may your sunday be filled with peace and joy and may you sense the presence of God in you and around you this day.

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