Monday, March 7, 2011

More on Transformation

a great thing happened this past weekend.  i learned that the hard drives in both of my computers and my external hard drive had quit working.  how could that be a great thing?  having my fears that this was the case confirmed by two different computer gurus was not a good thing, but my reaction to the news was.  in the past, i would have gone into a deep funk with "great weeping and gnashing of teeth."  that didn't happen.  i was able to put this calamity in perspective--it's not like a loved one died or i lost all my savings to some swindler.  there are many things worse than failed computers, even though it will take many hours to restore the lost data by re-entering it all.

my reaction to what has happened was a signal to me that something fundamental has changed in my perspective on life.  certainly, part of that is the process of aging.  i see that the end of the life-as-i-know-it is approaching and embracing the coming of death has an effect on what is of primary importance.  more than that, though, i understand that what would have brought great suffering before, i now see as nothing more than one of those unfortunate accidents that is a part of life.  life goes on, and that is the great thing!

this afternoon, i begin the work of starting over with my income tax forms that were lost in my computer disasters, and i'll see what else i have time to restore in my new computer.  at least, i have the resources to replace the hardware that failed, along with the time to address the problems.

my prayer for myself and for you today is that we can accept whatever comes as part of the joy of life, that we can embrace change and look for the good that is often a part of loss.

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