Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clear Our Eyes That We May See All the Things That Really Matter

it's a quiet morning.  i have had my morning time of meditation and prayer, have been for a bike ride, have set out fresh food and water for the cats inside and out, have started a sprinkler on our japanese maple that is stressed by the heat, have done my daily gospel reading and journaling, and am dressed for the day.  as i sit in my chair, i am reflecting on what a wonderful life i've been given and looking forward to the challenges of the day.

in a few minutes, workers will arrive to work on the remodeling of our front bathroom (my bathroom!) and the quiet will be ended.  my wife is still sleeping and i hope that she can sleep as long as she wants and needs to, since every other morning this week she has had to rise earlier than she would like because of the obligations of the day.  i have some catching up to do on posting grades and attendance for my summer school class, i have some tax business to attend to, i have a stack of papers in my inbox that need my attention, and i have some work to do for the symphony.  it sounds like a busy day, but i've been planning this day all week, saving up these chores that will require some longer periods of focus.  this is my day off from my class this week, and the banks from which i need to get tax information will be open.

i am grateful for these minutes of quiet when no chores demand my attention and when my morning routine is completed.  i don't get such "empty" time often, and i am relishing it.  the perfection of each day amazes me.  i sometimes wish i could relive my life with the knowledge that i now have of the goodness of life, the great gifts of God, but i know that all my past experiences have led me to this point.  it has taken me over sixty years to realize that life is much more simple than i used to believe.  God loves and cares for me, there is great joy in the unpredictability of life, and i have everything i need.  i am content.

how do i share that contentment with those i love most?  can i communicate to them the great joy and peace in my heart and mind?  this is my prayer today: that each of us can find that "quiet center" for our lives and help others to find theirs.

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