Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

as i rode my bike along the park trail a few days ago, i began zooming down the one steep hill on the trail.  to my great disappointment, i saw a car driving along the street at the bottom of the trail, which meant i'd have to slow way down rather than flying into the turn i make onto the street when i reach the bottom of the hill.  my first reaction was, "why is this happening to me?"  then i realized this event wasn't about me.  it was simply one of those random happenings that change our plans.  as i rode on, i thought about how often we think that life is about "us."  it's not.  things happen, we deal with it and accept that things don't have to work out as we planned.  

are these events that cause us to alter our plans part of some grand design?  was the car preventing my planned flying trip down the hill and into the street placed there so i'd think about the alterations we are sometimes forced to make in life?  i don't think so.  most of the events in our lives are random.  they are the intersections between where others are going and where we are going.  frequently those intersections prevent us from going on as we had planned, and we need to accept the changes they require without aggravation or going into the "why me!" mode.

life isn't about "me."  life is about acceptanace, about giving up control, about just breathing and being.  how wonderful it is to realize that i am not in control and that accepting life as it happens is the source of great joy.  God is in my heart, so everything's OK.  my prayer this morning is that each of us can let go of the idea that life is about us and that we can give up the futile efforts at controlling the events of life.  may we accept what comes and rejoice in it, even when it's not what we planned.

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