Tuesday, February 14, 2012

O Savior, in This Quiet Place

today is valentine's day, and i must write something about my wonderful wife who is my valentine this day and every day. we have been married over 43 years, and it seems like yesterday that we became partners for life and in life. she is a remarkable woman who has made life better and more complete for me and our two children. every day she blesses my life with her remarkable spirit.

i woke up early this morning, my mind filled with details about distributing music for upcoming symphony concerts. i was so distracted by these nagging thoughts that i found it difficult to focus on my morning prayers and meditation. at the end of the time i devote to these pursuits, i realized that my mind was filled with questions that i could not answer and that these uncertainties would continue to plague me until they were resolved by the symphony music director/conductor. it was as if suddenly the burden of not knowing what to do was lifted, and i saw that i needed to shift that buden to the one person who could resolve the matters that were keeping me from moving forward with my work.

isn't it so often the case that we worry about things over which we can have no control? isn't that what "worry" truly is: seeking to control that which can't be controlled? once more, i'm reminded that the busy, ill-focused mind keeps me from being in the moment i could be enjoying. i sit in my comfortable chair in a comfortable room with the fireplace pouring warmth towards me. my sweet wife is sleeping peacefully in the next room. my son is sleeping in his little apartment just outside our back door. life is as it should be, and my frantic mind has been keeping me from appreciating all that.

my prayer for myself and you this morning is that we stop the busy-ness of our minds and focus on the joy that is ours for the taking. shalom.

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