Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time, Like An Ever Rolling Stream

yesterday my wife and i drove home after spending a few days with relatives in the mountains about five hours north of here. the first part of the trip home, my wife drove, and i was free to watch the beautiful scenery pass by. a couple of hours into the drive, i realized that my mind was jumping from thoughts of future plans to events of the past; i was anywhere except in the moment and the beauty that surrounded me was going unnoticed.

in thinking of this morning's post, it occurred to me that this experience was typical of how i often spend my time: ignoring the beauty of the present to plan for (or fret over) the future or wasting energy regretting past mistakes that cannot be corrected. it is necessary to look to the future and to recall the past so that we learn from it, but to do so at the expense of missing the present is a grave error.

my prayer for myself and for you this morning is that we live in and enjoy the present, fully appreciating the moment that we will neveer experience again, while planning for the future and learning from the past with a mind that is focused and alert.

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