Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jesus, the Buddha, and Perfection

This morning in preparation for my time of prayer & meditation, i looked at some similarities between the lives and teachings of Jesus and the Buddha.  i am a child of western culture, and yet the teachings of Buddhism are very comforting to me, reinforcing my Christian beliefs.  Since i began to explore Buddhist thought, i have become more devoted to the teachings of Jesus & more accepting of myself and the world around me.  Each day it seems that God is leading me to a deeper understanding of truth and preparing my heart for continuing change.

One of my favorite blogs is zen habits.  This morning there was a new post which referred back to the top zen habits posts of the past year.  One of my daily practices will be to read one of those "top twenty" each day until i have read all of them.  Today's reading was "you're already perfect."  i'll have to re-read it several times and think about what Leo Babauta, the blog author, is saying.  My immediate reaction was that this post ties into my abandonment of the struggle to be better, my turning that struggle into acceptance that God is active in transforming my life from one of constant striving for self-improvement and anxiety about the future into one of acceptance that each day is perfect as God gives it to us, that we are here to serve rather than to acquire both our own perfection and things that we hope will make our lives better.

There are so many blog authors who are speaking to me, and i believe God has placed their writings in my path to lead me to the truth that God has for me.  My prayer for myself and for you is that we can all open our hearts to the truth that is ours if we allow God to do the work of leading us to it.

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