Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Perfect Day

My blog post yesterday was a mixture of discouragement and optimism, the optimism coming from my confidence that the gift of a new day would bring new opportunities to experience the presence of God.  That was exactly what the day brought, and this morning i am filled with joy and peace because of that experience.  i had only to stop relying on myself, to slow down and wait for God rather than rushing through the day as if my life depended on crowding as much as i could into it.  i went to sleep last night with a deep feeling of satisfaction, falling asleep as i was saying a prayer of thanks for all the goodness of the day.  i slept soundly and woke this morning feeling refreshed.

Once again, i learned that every day is perfect as God gives it to us.  The imperfection rises from my failure to appreciate each moment, my allowing busyness to prevent me from acknowledging the presence of God in each of the day's experiences.

My prayer for myself and for you this morning is that we will open our hearts to the joy and peace of this day and every moment in it, knowing that this day is a gift from God and therefore perfect.

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