Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Be (at Peace)

There are many blogs that i follow, as anyone who reads my blog can see.  Many are full of advice from the experiences of others, and i find them quite helpful, but i am uncomfortable giving advice.  When i write, i enjoy reporting my own experiences in the hope those experiences resonate with others.  One of the things that has been helpful to me is meditation.  As i've incorporated a time of meditation in my morning devotionals and occasionally at other times during the day, some things have changed for me.  So today it seemed helpful to list some of the benefits i've enjoyed from the practice of meditation:

  • Life is more peaceful.
  • Sleep is more restful.
  • The present is more real.
  • Regrets about the past have largely disappeared.
  • Anxieties about the future are pretty much gone, too.
  • Food is more enjoyable and at the same time more filling.
  • Each day is an exciting adventure that i look forward to from the minute i arise.
  • Prayer is more authentic.
Each time i think, "i'll stop the list there," a new item that needs to be added pops into my head, but for now i'll stop at eight.  To say that YOU should meditate would be presumptuous, but i can say that the practice has been incredibly beneficial to me.  May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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