Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Call to Simplicity

Yesterday as we drove the freeways during the last part of the peak traffic period of the day, I thought of the harried life many must lead as they face this congestion daily.  I wondered why we choose to life lives that are so complicated, so busy, so stressful.  I thought of my own life, which is certainly less stressful than that of those who must face this twice-daily commuting grind, but is nevertheless more anxious than it has to be.  I prayed silently that my heart would be open to God’s leading me to a simpler lifestyle.  I look forward to analyzing our family finances to make the demands on us less stressful financially, to examining my goals and commitments so that I can make choices that make my life more rewarding and less complicated.  I am praying that I will be open to God leading me to the solutions I seek, as I mull these matters over in the back of my mind and pray about them over the next two weeks as we travel.  I am confident we will have a clear direction about how to live richer, simpler lives when we return home from our travels.

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