Monday, September 13, 2010

Joyful Offerings

One of the things I enjoy least is running errands.  I find myself getting frustrated with the seemingly endless minutiae of life--picking up groceries, going to the cleaners, finding the right part for something that's broken--all those things that are necessary to keep day-to-day life functioning.  Today as I ran errands, though, something odd happened.  Each time I felt myself becoming angry about doing what needed to be done, I was reminded that there are things that I am missing by not paying attention as I drive.  Suddenly, I was surprised to discover that errands could be pleasurable, and I began to look for the good in the experience.  The errand-running became a joyful offering to God, rather than a miserable, but essential, chore.  I realized that this had become an "aha" moment that God sent me, and it transformed my entire day.

I wonder if others have had such moments when God has awakened them to the pleasure that can be found if you're willing to allow God to show it you.  Maybe God is transforming my life and helping me to become more open to the joy that is all around me.

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