Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learning to "Be"

Since returning from our trip, my days have been extremely busy, with little time to write posts for this blog or to write anything else, for that matter.  In the past, this "busyness" would have been very frustrating. Now, it doesn't seem to bother me.  I can think with confidence that this is a temporary state of affairs. No matter how long my list of things that need to be done, I know that I am not compelled to crowd as many of them in each day as is humanly possible; some things can wait until tomorrow (or the day after that or even longer, if necessary).

Last night, my plans for the next several days were turned upside down because of the need to help out a friend.  This meant that several plans I had made would have to be changed.  That, too, didn't upset me.  I know that being there for a friend is more important that carrying out personal plans that can just as easily be completed at another time.

I read this quote this morning in a post by Lori Deschene titled "Tiny Wisdom: On Rushing" at "there’s no reason to stress or rush yourself–you’ll get where you’re going but right now is a perfect time to do and enjoy what you love."  I followed her advice.  Though there were many tasks demanding my attention, I pushed them aside to take time to do something I truly wanted to do.  When I moved on to those things I had planned to do, including helping my friend, I discovered that there was still time for most of them.  The only thing I didn't get around to was my afternoon bike ride, but I'll make up my missed ride by riding my bike when I go to help my friend tomorrow morning, rather than driving there.

I am amazed that changing my prayer life has made such a difference in my perspective.  Stopping to listen for God to speak to me, asking God to help me open my mind and heart, taking time to read other blogs like the ones listed on my blog, simply stopping to just "be," spending time in silent meditation, and trying to rid my mind of negative, critical thoughts about other people has made my life so much more peaceful.  I am confident that God is transforming me into the person I'm intended to be.  I wonder if others have had this same experience.

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