Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peace in the Midst of Confusion

Tonight, I am sitting with my computer, writing as the rest of my travel companions play a game of cards.  Ordinarily, I would be there, too, because I love to play.  Tonight, I have chosen to carve out some time for myself.  When we returned from our day of sightseeing, it occurred to me that I have had no time to be alone with my thoughts for many days, and this is something I miss greatly.  Even when I choose to sit apart to pray, write, think, or meditate, there are always several others around.  I have discovered that, even in the midst of activity, I can create a quiet zone for myself and this is a great blessing.  A couple of months ago, I would not have been able to do that.  I notice that when I sit quietly and adopt a reflective posture, things are much quieter around me.  Perhaps this is because those around me are being considerate or perhaps it is because they sense the peace that envelopes me.  I believe that it is the latter, and I pray that this is not vanity on my part.

I know that the quality of my meditation is not as high as when I can be truly alone, but the peace that comes to me is satisfying and renewing, nevertheless.  Do others have this same experience, I wonder?

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